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Our Vision is to help all those with a residential mortgage obtain the best mortgage that fits their life. Through our unique business processes we are able to handle your mortgage needs with flexibility, ease, and speed, allowing you to save time and money. more…

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At Visdom, we have designed and developed a new system in house that scours all 125+ lenders throughout the country to unequivocally find the best mortgage for you. more…

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Through our new patented system we are able not only to disrupt the industry, but also to give you the choice you deserve when selecting a lender for your mortgage. That’s why you can take comfort in knowing that Visdom will get you the best mortgage from all available lenders, every time. more…

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We live in Calgary and with the recent turndown in the economy my husband was asked to take a significant reduction in salary in order to keep his job. We didn’t know how we could keep our house. Thank goodness we found the friendly people at Visdom. They found us a new mortgage at a lower rate and a payment we can afford. We are truly thankful. Gina G. Calgary, AB

My wife and I recently bought a new home. Our Realtor suggested we call Visdom Mortgage Solutions for a mortgage, we were hesitant at first as we had used a broker on our last purchase and let’s just say it was a bad experience, they didn’t return calls and we didn’t hear anything until the last minute and then got stuck with a mortgage rate we now think was too high. But this time wow! The difference was night and day. It only took a couple days and Visdom sent us a mortgage proposal that showed all the mortgages we qualified for. After discussing the many options with us we chose a 4 year term and feel we got a great rate. We’ll definitely be using them again and would highly recommend them to anyone that asks. Robert and Claire P. Richmond Hill, ON

I recently referred my first mortgage transaction to Visdom and must say the service was stellar. I’ve been in real estate for over 15 years and have never experienced this level of professionalism before. The Visdom team kept me apprised of my client’s process every step of the way, and gave them a proposal offering various mortgage types. I’ve never had a deal requiring financing happen so fast and easy. I now recommend all my clients to Visdom. Bob S. -Realtor, Edmonton AB

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